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Sustainable & Organic Farm Systems is a consultancy set up by Simon Ferrigno, MSc Education for Sustainability (South Bank University, 2002) and author of 'An Insider's Guide to Cotton and Sustainability' (March 2012 MCL Global).

- Fifteen years experience since 1998 in the field of sustainable agriculture policy, markets and trade and twelve years experience with cotton and sustainable development including:

1. Market development (linking brands, traders and producers)

2. Research (the impacts of different farming systems, business models and pricing mechanisms, pesticides and health, different standards and production systems including organic, Fairtrade, IPM, Better Cotton and Cotton Made in Africa),

3. Producer support

4. Consumer and business education, public communication and media work.

5. Multi-stakeholder processes

- Conferences and Memberships

1. Member of the RITE (Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment) Group, Soil Association Textiles Standards and Trade Group, the Better Cotton Initiative Advisory group. Previously part of the Procotton steering committee.

2. Helped organise the fibres section of the 2011 IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) World Conference.

3. Presenter at International Cotton Advisory Committee Plenary Meetings in Burkina Faso (2008), Capetown (2009) and Buenos Aires (2011)

- Clients

Clients past and present include PAN UK and and Germany, Solidaridad, Traidcraft, GIZ, Brands and Designers, Ecotextile News, Cotton Conversations.

- Experience travelling, working in Europe, Africa, South America, India, South and East Asia, North America and Turkey.