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Business coaching and support

1. One day introduction to cotton and sustainability to help staff understand the context, problems and options.

2. Coaching and support for decision makers to understand and evaluate options and evaluate risks, opportunities in the context of business needs. Please get in touch to discuss options

Sourcing strategy development and risk assessments

1. Evaluate and determine strategic sourcing options in different regions, with different groups and in the context of a businesses cotton consumption; understand and evaluate the different sustainability options.

2. Evaluate internal and external risks of different options and prepare action plans to address these.

Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Monitoring of cotton programme impacts, development of impact indicators and methodologies

2. Evaluation of programmes and investments


Communications, campaigns and writing

1. Development of campaign materials

2. Preparation of communications materials

3. Report writing, editing and proof-reading

4. Article writing

5. Translation french-English (articles and technical documents)



1. Development, implementation or participation in cotton and sustainability research programmes, including social or ecological research. Please contact me for examples of previous work.

2. I have a network of partners and contacts to implement programmes and research in a range of countries including across Africa, India, and Latin America as well as Asia and Turkey





















Consultancy rates available on demand.Special rates for non-OECD based non-profit organisations and small and medium sized businesses. Samples of work are available on request


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